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Thursday, May 17, 2007

So let's play catch up

Hey everybody. Let's start back at the Drafthouse and move forward...

So, the Drafthouse was a s@itload of fun and I had the opportunity to perform with Mike Aronin, Randolph T, Katie Riffey and Chris Doucette. Awesome is the first word that I can think to describe it and even though the crowd wasn't standing room only, there was certainly a receptive group of people there. Loved it. Afterwards, Herbie along with Randolph and Katie Riffey(oh, and who the F@ck is Tyler Richardson) went to some giant bar and I learned some of Randolph's ways of the pimp. Very educational.
That Saturday night I got to go to the Laughing Lizard and that was just as fun as it should be. After the show I was drunk driving and smacked my already not so hot car into a barrier. It was only a second, but you'd be surprised at what can happen in a second or two..... SHIT.
So, let's skip to more recent events. I traveled down to Richmond on Sunday with John McBride and the Fowlest N@gga on the planet. We stayed at John's friend's house, Suki thank you. Bestest hostess ever. And, yeah I know that's not a word. We were there for the 9:55 club and we should all know by now that the room is just plain fun to perform in. John rocked, The Fowlest rocked, and Who the F@ck didn't do too bad either. I didn't really have 45 minutes but I'm definitely working on my crowd work. Overall I was satisfied.
Tuesday, I took my drug screening at my new place of employment and got my photo taken for my badge and all that jazz. I could not be happier about this new job and boy am I reflecting on how I used to sell cars right about now. Times change, and a year ago I was having the worst time of my life. A year later, I'm floatin' on cloud nine. God bless everybody.
Yesterday I went to Richmond again to perform at the Funnybone. They have a competition very much like ours at the Improv. Fun, fun, fun and I got a chance to speak with Odyssey Michaels quite a bit. Nothing but professional for those that haven't met him. I respect that, and hopefully there will be work for me at the Funnybone sometime soon. I'm pretty negative by nature so take comfort when I tell you that it's a good possibility.
Which leads me to my last topic. Why is it that when people get what they want out of comedy they aren't using it the way we all say that we would when we're still nothing. I am nothing right now and unless I'm blind to the world there aren't as many hook-ups going on as there should be. I'm not talking about anyone specific, but when I get any opportunity you better believe that I'm gonna break my neck to put anyone with talent on the same opportunity. If you're confused at all just ask yourself "Who is the last person to really help someone out that wasn't there friend?" I'm talking about recognizing someone talented, remembering their name, and taking a few sentences at a later time to change the direction their heading in. If you think I'm talking about myself, then you don't really get what I'm saying and I feel okay with you being a bitter F@ck about that. But, for those of you that do get it(and yes, I would certainly love for someone to do something for me one day, but that's not what this is about) go out of your way to help someone that you don't consider one of your closet friends. To give an example: there were a few comedians last night that had no reason other than being extremely cool, to help out an out of towner that most of them were meeting for the first time today. Now, naturally when anything comes up for Tyler Richardson I would help out my friends cause that's what people do, but I mean helping out someone like Mike Blejer(just reachin' for a name that's new, imply nothing. Yes, I know about Demitri Martin). Just pickin' someone that you find talented but want to help out. It is possible isn't it. But, I'm babbling now, so let me go and just say this. "I just want the best for our community, so take no offense. I'm happier then I've ever been now and want everyone to have the same joy in their life." I'm at the Riot Act the next couple of days with Joe Recca, be there if you're bored.

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Survey TIME!

I promise that an actual blog is coming like... tomorrowish, cause there's lots to talk about from the last couple of weeks. But first I need the help of everyone reading that isn't looking to lyrics to Johnny Gill's My My My(Koreans).

Which is a better name for my website?
1) whoistylerrichardson.com
2) whothehellistylerrichardson.com

You tell me so I can get a little more professional with this thang.... laters.

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