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Tuesday, July 24, 2007

What makes a week magical?

Is it rocking out with 5 stars on Guitar Hero 2...Jermaine Fowler would say no, but that's what haters do.
Is it my swag? That's just for those of you that purchased(or stole...but the code of thieves says not to steal from Tha King or Coldplay) T.I. vs. T.I.P.
Is it receiving a text message saying there your good buddy Kevin just took a gamble in front of Nelson and lost. For those that don't know what that means picture the last fart that you thought might turn into something more. Hopefully you weren't going commando in shorts like him.
Could this instant swamp-ass weather be a key?
Is it finding out that you won't be charged for your new BlackBerry until next month's bill, right before you get ready to shell out all the money?
Seeing Transformers? It really doesn't matter how many times cause that movie tastes like a cloud.
Is it hearing John McBride's voice? .... I really don't know how that made it there...maybe I'm not as straight as I always hoped...
Is it looking on DCStandup.com and seeing that your name falls right before Tom Myers? Seriously, what is that about? Love you Tom.
Maybe it's ordering your favorite meal and dancing in front of the waiter until they comp it.
It could be lying to my mother about having plans so I can squeeze in another several hours of Guitar Hero 2...Love you Momala
Falling in love. Had to put that one.
BJ...comes right after falling in love
Smiling with co-workers that frighten you cause they put mayo on everything
Maybe it's hearing Charlie from a few cubicles down give great detail every time that he's going to the bathroom.
Whatever it is that makes a week magical, I hope that we all take a few moments to reflect on it. I'm 24 now and man am I feeling old. Yet, at the same time I feel like a 75-year-old man who got died and got sentenced to do this whole thing over again. Ug... By the way The Number 23 came out today. Cop that shiggity, then go get Zodiac and throw them on your iPod so you can watch em while you work tomorrow like me. Laters....

Thursday, July 19, 2007


So, tonight at 9 on XM channel 169, let's just hope that I can operate in the awkward silence of radio. I'm pretty familiar with that anyway so let's see if I can have a ball with it.

Completely unrelated, let me get a soul clap for my n@gga Nelson a.k.a. McNelson, that guy is officially an old man today and couldn't look better.... for 24 that is.

Work is a blast, my section is having a party today a little before I get off and YEAH!, there will be bracelets and OPEN BAR... YES!!! I love this place.

I've found a way to watch It's always sunny in Philadelphia and still get my work done. It's really not that big of a secret, but watching it while I work makes the day go by so much quicker. If you haven't seen it, just take two dollars and try one episode from season 2 on iTunes.

Spent this week trying to get Guitar Hero 2 out of my system. I discovered it with help from my Nelson on Sunday, and that was it... I'm in love. It was all I thought about all week, and it never gets old to me. But, like any love, I gotta play it cool and hope that she will be glad to see me whenever I can make time for her. Why are women so complicated? (sigh)

I hope that we're all having a sexy July, I went by the Hyatt and the Lizard last Sat. and must say that it was refreshing. I got to see a bunch of people I've never seen before at the Hyatt, then I got to see Mumma get up there and do what he does... make me salivate, cause that's good stuff. The lizard is full of people that I've seen before and I always enjoys stopping by that place. Very nicely done Tyler S., but you already know that.

Does it make anyone else laugh that Chris Benoit killed his son with his signature move? I can only reason that he didn't know to let go cause the referee wasn't there to ring the bell. Just MY theory...

Well, let's get back to working and stuff...and by the way Fowlest... I hate you.

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Wow, has it really been that long since we've danced

I guess so. Let me just start out by saying "F*** Jermaine", just had to keep that whole thing going. If you haven't seen TRANSmuthaf*******FORMERS you should take a meat cleaver and just start hitting yourself. That movie made me laugh til' I cried in one particular part. That would be when a fat man jumps through a plate glass window when he hadn't even done anything wrong, just to avoid the police. Good times, good times. T.I. vs T.I.P. just came out and folks let me just say that it was scrumptious, all the way from its head to it's Gator wearing toes. Drink it in.
Last Saturday(cause I have weekends now) I went with the sweetest ol' lady ever(Grandma) to "CHARLES TOWN, RACES AND SLOTS" if you didn't just sing that you have no soul. I got all gussied up only to find out that there were no women to impress. Instead, there were married people, fat women, spanishes, fat spanishes, and fat married spanishes....need I say that there were more spanishes than you can shake a fist at? I felt like yelling like Gary Oldman in Leon:the professional "Everyone!" the question being "who is spanish?" I had a great time and told myself that I would only lose a certain amount of money. The good news it that when I got ready to leave I won like it was rigged and only lost half of what I was prepared to lose. We calls that good karma. Spanishes
I'm excited about my new bits..... just thought I'd lob that on out there and see what that does for ya.


For some reason I continue to go commando even though I salute round the clock.... awkward at work. If you didn't get that sentence, read it again and see what your heart tells you.
It seems like a lot of comics around here are getting on t.v., so I decided to pick someone and stab them. Look for me on all of your local news channel yelling "Ba Ba Booey!"
Jose, come back to work, there are so many women and I desperately need a wingman. Sorry, you all had to read that but since he's in Cali, this is my way to communicate with him. But, Jose, I was dead serious about the wingman thing....he knows. You could also tell me if the Spanish that work on my floor is into me. Me thinks no.
I used to use the word Negro. Then I would get tickled to say Negroseph(like Joseph), but now it has morphed into Negrosephine. No one ever know what I said so it gets absolutely no attention paid to it. Not everything can be funny to all, some things you have to do for self, and that shiggity cracks me up Negrosephine.
The NAACP buried the N-word yesterday. I get the sentiment, but aren't we a little old to play pretend. They made a coffin people, and there were onlookers....
There were onlookers...
I had a pink sprinkled donut for the first time this morning. Thanks God it was free cause it tasted like a hug without the grind.
Tyler Sonnichsen doesn't care to remember my name so I just misspelled his. Now, we're even. Aw, who am I kidding? I'll shoot him.
"What's up Fowlest?"
-Nothin TRich baby
"Kick me a beat so we can freestyle"
-(begins to beatbox)
-What'd you do that for TRich
"Cause it's hot outside Fowlest....it's hot outside." I hate you Jermaine.

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