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Monday, July 17, 2006

I need to get back in this shizzy!

So, I had a surprise invite to the Riot at the Hyatt. I wasn't too sure what to make of everything since I had never been before but it was cool. The crowd was pretty much all there for one comic but they were laughing none the less. Now whether or not they were laughing at me is a whole different conversation piece. They were not. I tried some new stuff and it did not get all that great of a reaction but whatever, I'll see if it works somewhere else before I ditch it. Twice. Can't be too sure.
Here comes a bit of bragging. But fuck it, I haven't bragged in so long I think I can skate with one. I am auditioning for the position of MTV News anchor. I got through the initial fluff and now my head has begun to swell a bit. I seriously doubt that I'll get it, but I'm hopeful non the less. I figure, I'm a educated(sounding) black guy who is young and... well I'm young. So I stand as good a chance as anybody. Should a miracle occur I'll be sure to let you all know. By you all I mean the 3 people that might actually check this blog of mine from time to time.
Life has been weird for me lately. I'd like to say that things have gotten better but everything just feels the same. I'm not one to whine, but I've felt so depressed that I don't really get out for comedy like I really need to. I say need cause that is one of the only things that gives me joy in this life of mine. I also met Curt Shackelford's fiancee on Saturday...Great job Curt. Nuff' said. I've currently been a sex fiend. I wasn't that hard pressed for it when I was employed, but lately it's all I can do. I'm not sure that my woman is up for it. She might need a relief pitcher. But that's crazy talk(or is it?) What I really hate; and this has absolutely nothing to do with sex. What I really hate is that my girlfriend's sister asked me about how comedy is going and I told her that I'd bombed on certain occasions. So, in an argument that did not involve me, she chose to throw out that I'm not funny since I'd bombed cause if you bomb you can't hack it. While that is true to an extent, this girl knows nothing about comedy and I was tempted to curse her out. But, I'm a slave to sex and to curse her out would stop that for a while, SO I let it go. To be young. I'll blog soon but til' then, Ciao

Friday, July 07, 2006

My My My My, MYMYMY, sure look good tonight-Johnny Gill

It's been hot. I play with my dogs a lot. They don't always play back. Had dandruff for the first time since I was like 14. Bought shampoo. I think I pleasure(get it) too, too, too much. Put a baby gate up to block the dogs from the kitchen. Not that they ever went in there. Did some laundry. Got my state inspection for my car. On the hook up! It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia. If you don't watch it, you don't deserve a T.V. Please send your set to 1313 Mokingbyrd Ln. Somalia. They need television. But don't pay for their cable... they have to learn to switch to DirectTV. Saw Underworld:Evolution. Took a shit. That movie sucked. Almost as bad as Must Love Dogs. I think I'll call the Jokes on Us comedy club and get the run around again. I haven't done that in a month or so. Herbie says my blog isn't that angry. Fuck the WORLD! I just proved him wrong. HAHA(I have to make my own humor, cause I'm that bored). Andy Haynes is a fucking saint. He knows why(A bunch of guys jumped me and were gonna rape me and out of the middle of nowhere, he shows up with a gun and murdered like 10 people.) Bless his heart. No one is going to read this. That tickles me. Got bumped down the list on MonoBlog. That told me I need to f'n blog more. Next thing I know I'll get $15 dollars back. Need to perform. Curt won't right back. Thought I did okay at the Laughing Lizard on Saturday... til' my girl told me how bad the reaction was when we got in the car. Bless her heart. Still banged her though. Superman Returns SUCKED. Should've cast the zombie Christopher Reeves. Now that's worth $10. I'm reading What Color is Your Parachute? I must say it's a damn good book. Thanks mom. Guess I'll go. I should be seeing some of you around. To those who haven't seen me, "I died". That makes for a little excitement when we meet again. So long as they stopped reading two sentences ago. Ciao.

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