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Monday, August 27, 2007

I just found out that next Monday is a holiday!

It's great when the holidays that don't actually mean anything sneak up on you. I can only imagine if they start declaring something like Flag Day a federal holiday. Ah, how sweet that would be. Labor day.... get serious, but like any breathing black male I will take this holiday to reflect and hopefully the good Lord will giveth some "strange" unto me. Three day weekend...

Allow us to move on to events of late. We had a really comfortable show at Riot Act on Thursday, I don't know how Sampson does it, but he rarely disappoints. Friday I beat my friend Charlie Rutherford in Madden on the Wii. I don't own a Wii and it was pretty difficult to get used to, but in the end "I love a good comeback story!" is all that rang through the halls of Richardson. I was winning by one point and then with 2 sec. I pull of a beautiful pass that earned me the opportunity to say "He could, Go, All, the, WAY!!" Good times(sigh). Saturday... Sat... I guess I'm drawing a blank(I think you might be able to imagine why, if not you don't know me)... Sunday was kind of a bad day. Let's roll through the list:
1) had to drive up to Springfield to get the Fowlest.
2) got ticket for expired tags, which really caught me off guard. Plus, I was drunk and the cop was very close to my face.
3) was running late to Springfield, so was the Fowlest.
4) wait at Springfield for 15 mins., the the Fowlest calls and explains something is wrong with a train so now I'm flying solo....I still love you Fowlest.
5) This probably should be #1, but I didn't want to get gas cause I'm cheap so the whole time I'm watching for the gas light to come on while I drive to Richmond.
6) I get lost on the way, as I always do.
7) Ray says there might not be a show but he'll pay me anyway.
8) there is a show and it went really well...this is the only good thing about the whole day.
9) Halfway home I realize that I attempted to start a tab and left my card back at the bar, now I have to call and cancel that card and wait for another to come in the mail.
10) Arrived at home and discovered my roomies had eaten my pizza... bastards.
Well, that was my yesterday. Could have been worse but since I was there for all of it, it seemed to suck through my eyes.

But, I'm not going to end the blog whining, just needed to vent for a minute. So here is a gift from me to all the lovely reader who give me 30-34 sec. of their time everyday:
By Annabelle Aeng
there's no fairy godmother
to make my wish come true.
no genie in a bottle to bring me to you.
no prayer on a fallen star
no magic potion in a jar.
but i can dream and when i do.
i dream that i'm there with you

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Hey Kids!!!

Well clearly it's been a little longer than I remembered since I've blogged and junk. Where do we begin...

Saw Superbad and I must say that it's all good. I didn't expect much but didn't want to see anything else and then... magicism. And, yeah I made that up. I also bought Bioshock for the XBOX 360, need I tell you that it's the cat's pajamas(with a dead serious face).

At the Lizard last Saturday(I'm gonna make this quick) McBride caught me droppin' the deuce. I think that's all that really needs to be said. It's clearly still on my mind.

I've become quite addicted to S'mores lately. Is it the chocolate? Is it the marshmallow? The other question shall be riddled inconspicuously somewhere before the end of the blog for my own amusement.

I made a girl cry at work, and would love some feedback on this if you think I was wrong. Somehow the subject of dating came up at lunch and I eventually let it be known that I can't be with someone that is heftier than I'm comfortable with. She(being not slim) takes this as "well you really didn't love her then." To this we went back and forth and eventually she burst into tears(very awkward for me) and walked away. Slightly before Niagara Falls, I was using the point that if she were to say "I could never date a black man" it would just be something that you weren't into and couldn't deal with. But, maybe I was the bad guy for even having that conversation in the presence of a BIGGUN.

Got my green..."You know what it is" and if you don't you're a great law abiding citizen.

Today I finished my work with about 3 hours left in the day so now I'm at a point where I just get to be creepy and walk around talking to folks while they attempt to finish what they were doing. By the way, I just realized that my recording of my singing "God must have spent a little more time on you" is on my iPod cause it just started playing. "Is it the Graham Cracker?"Sing it TRich, SING IT!

DMX has a greatest hits album.... now go harm three people that are only casual acquaintances. When asked "why?" tell them "Cause I'm a Ruff Ryder!"

Happy Thursday and I think I'll end with this thought. Look at the dog at the top of the page(waiting) now whenever your upset remember that dog was unable to kill itself. God has such a sense of humor. And, yes, the ugliest dog in the world is dead now. Laters....

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

It's Always Sunny in Virginia?!

The recent heat wave has left me with a permanent case of swamp-gina.... you know exactly what I'm talking about too.

Daniel Johns is something like a pimp.(feel free to e-mail me for details on that one cause it's juicy)

Saw the Bourne Ultimatum, it was the juiciest steak I've ever tasted. Go to the bathroom before the movie starts. Not cause of how long it is, and yeah it was a three hour tour, but cause if you miss a piece you'll miss out on the best karate lesson ever. Side note: after action movies like that, I find myself in that mode of "I could beat somebody down like that" until I bump into someone and realize that a fight can get a lot more physical than I was giving it credit for. I quickly turn back into my old self.

I case you aren't aware, It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia will be returning to programming next month. By far the funniest sitcom that is on television and you should fall in love with Charlie Day if you have a soul.

The Lizard was very fun on Sat. night. There was Poon, Tim Miller Lite, Kojeezy, McBride in da house, Daniel Toke Johns, Herbs, and much more. I always have fun there. Weds. night was something, I'll just say that if you decide to go to the Ecstasy lounge "You better bring the audience with you" cause otherwise your in for some hard stares. That was set-up by the Fowlest...I still hate you.


I saw Garden State last night, which is yet another movie on the list of things I teased a friend about and later had to eat my words. Damn you Zach Braff. His humor knows no bounds.

Lastly(and this is old but most people haven't seen this yet), here is a link to check out what Heath Ledger as "The Joker"...enjoy. Laters

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