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Thursday, August 10, 2006

Who the Fuck is Tyler Richardson?

That's something that I expect to hear quite a bit since I've been M.I.A for the past three months or so. For those that care, I had to get my life on track and get a JOB. Took awhile but I'm employed again(gainfully) and not only plan on hitting the scene harder than before but being more supportive of the other comedy shows in the area. I feel like a douchebag for not having gone to some of the great shows that have gone down in the last few months. Not a good feeling. I'm doing a show with Sampson and Keith the comedian on August 27th, and I expect that to be lots of fun. I've got a lot to get off my chest and that seems like the perfect place to start. We are also going on Tyler S.'s radio show on 8/20. I'm really looking forward to getting off "the cuff". I've had a horrible time living without the presence of comedy for awhile, but OHHHHHH, how that's about to change. It's comedy people, comedy......

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